You Can Rely On EC Water Restoration's Fast, Professional, and Exceptional Service

The longer water damage goes unchecked, the more harm it may do to your house and
health. We have the experience at EC Water Restoration to remove moisture and protect
your property.

Getting Rid of Water Damage and Restoring Your Property

Our water damage restoration experts have the knowledge and equipment needed to return your house or property to its pre-loss state. We will examine the water damage and provide you dependable restoration options.

Water has the power to wreak havoc. If your house has been flooded, it is critical that you call the courteous and qualified experts at EC Water Restoration. Our experienced water damage restoration professionals have the required knowledge, skills, and expertise to correctly assess the degree of damage and deliver dependable, high-quality solutions. We realize how stressful this time may be for you, which is why we work swiftly and efficiently to resolve the issue with as little disturbance to your life as possible.

Not all water damage is plainly evident straight away. Unlike when a pipe bursts or a toilet overflows, some property owners may go for extended periods of time without seeing or recognizing any visible symptoms of water damage since the source may be hidden or they may not have been present when the issue initially happened. The longer water damage remains in a structure without being removed and dried off, the worse the damage gets.

Here are some indications of water damage to watch for to reduce the impact undesirable
water may have on your house or business:
      ● Increases in your water bill that you did not expect
      ● The drywall seems bloated or mushy to the touch.
      ● Wood flooring are bent or starting to cupple.
      ● There is a strong musty odor.
      ● Mold begins to grow on your property.
      ● Paint or wallpaper that is peeling or bubbling

Give Us a Call at the First Sign of Water Damage

If you spot credible evidence of water damage in or around your house or business, please contact our repair specialists right once. EC Water Restoration offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee to customers, hassle-free! We would happily survey and consult on your property.

More information about Water Damage Services may be found by clicking here. Or you may contact us on our hotline at 206-279-1390 to serve you right away!

When you need us the most, our team is there for you

Our staff has the knowledge and cutting-edge equipment to monitor moisture levels, determine the sort of water causing the damage, dehumidify, extract surplus water, and fully dry out your property. We’ll work swiftly and efficiently to recover what matters most to you. When you call your local EC Water Restoration crew, you can be confident that we will do the work correctly and professionally. We are now serving Seattle, and South of Seattle, Washington in the major cities of Burien, Federal Way, and Seatac areas.

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